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Affirmative Action at UConn Health

Hiring and Promotional Goals

UConn Health produces an annual Affirmative Action Plan which is submitted to the State of Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) for evaluation. As a state agency, it is imperative that our Affirmative Action Plan meet with CHRO approval.

Affirmative Action is an evaluation section on the Managerial/Confidential Performance evaluation. Hiring managers are expected to know the goals for openings in their departments and make good faith efforts to recruit and hire qualified affirmative action goal candidates. Affirmative Action is also a method to diversify our workforce.

All hiring managers should refer to these goals for each and every opening to plan recruitment and evaluation efforts.

How to Find Affirmative Action Goals for Your Opening
The Job Titles and Groups (PDF) below will assist you in determining the specific goals for your vacancy. All of UConn Health’s job titles are placed into 39 job groups based upon similar job content and compensation schedules. The numbers represent who should be hired and/or promoted in jobs within each category according to our calculated Affirmative Action Goals.

Steps to Affirmative Action Placement

1. Find the job group for the opening:

For example, if you have a vacancy for a Records Clerk.

1. Open up the Job Titles and Groups (PDF).

2. The job titles are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Scroll down to the job title Records Clerk

3. The Job Group that the title belongs to (4D) will be listed in the column named Job Group to the right of the Job Title.

2. Find the hiring and promotional goal for the opening:

For example, if you have a vacancy for a Records Clerk.

4. Open up either the Hiring Goals (PDF) or the Promotional Goals (PDF). For the purpose of these instructions, please open up the Hiring Goals.

5. For this vacancy locate your job group (4D) in the first column named Job Group/Title.

6. Your hiring goals for this vacancy Job Group (4D) are located on this line (White males, Black males, Black females, Hispanic females, other males, and other females) “Other” designation means Asian or Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaskan Native.

3. Determine ways you can assist in the recruitment efforts for qualified goal candidates:

1. Networking among professional associations for women; Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans.

2. Referrals from colleagues in other organizations.

3. Advertising in diversity journals or websites.

4. Establishing relationships with organizations serving diverse populations.

5. Networking among organizations where you are a member (alumni associations, trade groups etc.).

The Calculation of Hiring and Promotional Goals
At UConn Health, we utilize the following seven (7) occupational categories:

  • Executive/Administrative: Occupations in which employees set broad policies, exercise overall responsibility for execution of these policies, or direct individual departments or special phases of the agency’s operations, or provide specialized consultation on a regional, district or area basis.
  • Faculty: The members of a teaching staff. The faculty is responsible for designing the plans of study offered by the institution (degrees, diplomas, and other qualifications).
  • Professional/Non-Faculty: Most jobs in this category require bachelor and graduate degrees, and/or professional certification. In some instances, comparable experience may establish a person’s qualifications.
  • Secretarial/Clerical: These jobs involve non-managerial tasks providing administrative and support assistance, primarily in office settings.
  • Technical/Paraprofessional:

Technical – Occupations which require a combination of basic scientific or technical knowledge and manual skill which can be obtained through specialized post-secondary school education or through equivalent on-the-job training.

Paraprofessional – Occupations in which workers perform some of the duties of a professional or technician in a supportive role, which usually require less formal training and/or experience normally required for professional or technical status. Such positions may fall within an identified pattern of staff development and promotion under a “New Careers” concept.

  • Skilled Craft: Occupations in which workers perform jobs which require special manual skill and a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the process involved in the work which is acquired through on-the-job training and experience or through apprenticeship or other formal training programs.
  • Service/Maintenance: Jobs in this category include food service, cleaning service, personal service, and protective service activities. Skills may be acquired through formal training, job-related training or direct experience.

The occupational categories are then broken down into thirty-nine (39) job groups. These job groups consist of job titles that are similar in content and compensation.

Affirmative Action goals are then calculated for each job group in the following manner:

Raw statistics

  • Unemployment statistics
  • Employment census statistics
  • Promotable/transferable internal movements

Value weights are assigned to the following raw statistics according to where our current employee populations came from: externally or internally

  • Each weighted factor (raw statistic x % frequency) is added to arrive at one factor per job group. This is called the availability factor.
  • The availability factor is compared to the actual job group employee base representation by race/gender category to determine if under representation exists.
  • If the race/sex category is underrepresented in the job group then a goal is set according to the extent of underrepresentation. The race/gender categories:
    • White male
    • White female
    • Black male
    • Black female
    • Hispanic male
    • Hispanic female
    • Other male
    • Other female

If you have questions regarding the hiring/promotional goals, please contact Terry Segar, Office of Diversity and Equity, at 860-679-3060.

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